Has it stopped snowing? I refuse to get up unless it has.


Al, you’re such a freaking girl sometimes. -laughs-

I’m a girl? Well spotted, genius. -rolls eyes and laughs-


Well you don’t seem to be complaining. 

I’m just starting to wonder if you’re all talk.

Anyone know what I did last night..?


I have no idea. Surely someone must know something though.

I hope so. Do you recognize the other wand?


Alecto’s sour mood usually didn’t have a point of origin. She was usually just bitchy because, well, that’s who she was. But today, there was someone who had really pissed her. And when that happened, all hell usually broke loose. At least for the person who had the misfortune of being the source of Alecto’s bad mood. She had watched the dark haired girl leave, before sneaking after her. Anyone who called her a git did not go away with at least a few scratches. Alecto followed her all the way down to the greenhouses, where she watched the Hufflepuff enter Greenhouse 5 alone. What luck, she thought, so they’ll be no witnesses.

Following the girl into the dark greenhouse, she quietly drew her wand. She wanted to make sure this girl knew not to mess with a Carrow again. Alecto was nothing if not prideful. “Oi!” she called out, and as soon as Mafalda turned around, the blonde yelled Petrificus Totalus, binding the Hufflepuff’s limbs and making her fall backwards onto the ground.

Has anyone seen Amycus? I need to talk to him about something…


Haven’t seen him.

Are you ok?

Oh. Ok then. I’m fine, and even if I weren’t I wouldn’t talk to you about it.