Wow, that party last night was such a rager I barely know what to do with myself.


Oi, I feel like a proper introduction is in order than.  I’d love to meet the infamous Mrs. Carrow.

-chuckles- You’re very brave, then. She makes McGonagall look like a sweet, kind woman.

Would it kill Alecto to bring me food?


-whispers- Thank you. I don’t think it was much… What else am I meant to do then?


-whispers back, smirking- You’re welcome. Sleep, I think. Perhaps I should just get you to bed.


You certainly are full of questions tonight. When did I become Mr Answers? -cocks head to the side-

I dunno. Is it wrong for a girl to be curious?

#:( #okay

Anonymous asked: CARROWCEST



Was asked if I was a model today


I can’t help that I shake my little tush. 

-laughs- I worry about you.

I’ve had enough of kids for one day… week… year.


Apparently there’s been a cat sleeping on my bed.


I’ll take that as my cue then. Goodbye, Alecto Carrow.

You’re all screwed if sex really is forbidden…


Follow us all you want, Bertha and I aren’t acting like children. Actually, I’d prefer it if you followed us, I can keep an eye on you.

Why the fuck are you yelling at me? And you couldn’t keep an eye on me if you tried, mostly because your head is so far up your own ass.